Below are some frequently asked questions, and of course if you have additional questions, please give us a call @ 612-423-2124 or send us an email.

How important is it for the concrete to have the proper slope?

Having the proper slope for water drainage is one of, if not the most important factor when installing concrete. Establishing proper drainage is the first step before the pour.

Will the concrete crack?

Concrete will crack if not installed correctly. Starting with the sub base prep, we remove any wet sub base and install class base as needed and compact the area. This process may be repeated to achieve a solid sub base. Next we enhance the strength of the concrete with rebar steel. After the concrete is installed, we will cut the concrete in the areas we feel the concrete will need to flex.

Is Stamped and Colored Concrete Slippery?

If too much sealer is applied, it can be slippery. Cipala Decorative Concrete Inc. installs the highest quality concrete in the industry and safety is our number one goal. We add a non-slip tru grit additive to all of our sealers that helps promote a non-slip surface.

Will the surface of the concrete “shell off”?

The surface of the concrete will shell off if a weak or low quality concrete mix is used and the all important sealer isn’t applied in a timely fashion. Applying sealer to the surface of the concrete helps the concrete cure stronger and the sealer also acts as a protective layer from salt.

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